Floor Pillows

Everyone needs more floor sitting in their life (and squatting). We need to be connected to the ground, and chairs, while alluring objects of design, are unergonomic pain-causing beasts.

I love this Breaking Muscle article, “Sit Better to Move Better,” which details basic resting positions: squatting, kneeling, longsitting, cross legged and side sitting.

We sit in chairs SO MUCH. We sit to eat, work, drive, and relax. My favorite resting position is a deep squat. It is extremely comfortable—after hours of standing at my desk or sitting I fold down to the floor and all my aches and pains immediately vanish. Once at the Austin City Limits music festival, I squatted in the crowd while waiting for the next act to come on stage. People around me asked me if I was okay. Seriously!? This is the natural human sitting position. Everyone should be able to perform this basic movement, and yet many people can’t.

Mark Sisson on floor living: “The way we sit, and where we do it, changes the function of our bodies. It even alters the length of musculature. In countries where squatting and other forms of floor living are seamlessly weaved into everyday life, people still retain the mobility to do all that stuff into old age.”

Okay, squatting rant over. I decided to make pillows for sitting in a straddle or longsitting. After seeing that floor pillows retail for $20-80, I decided to make my own, and it’s really simple. I got a couple 14″ round pillow inserts from Joann for about $7. Photo taken unironically on a chair.

I originally planned to make corduroy pillows, but I came across this faux fur in the fabric remnant section and couldn’t resist the fuzz.

Little did I know the nightmare that was about to befall me. The fabric, laid out and ready.

Pattern piece cut out and pinned to the back side of the fabric.

Worst fabric EVER…little pieces of fur went EVERYWHERE! It was all over the table, floor, my pants, and my face and I’m pretty sure it got into my eyes. I bought a lint roller ASAP.

Pillowcase pieces cut out and ready to sew!

Aaarggh, what is happening here? The fabric messed up my machine and grabbed a bunch of thread.

I did the Google, and found a solution: place a plastic bag underneath the fabric. I also have my walking foot installed, which I think helped it move along.

Sewed (nearly) all the way round. I didn’t leave a lot of room to insert the pillow but it didn’t matter as I was able to squish it in.

Ripped the plastic away from the seams, turned it, inserted the pillow and sewed up the opening by hand. One finished pillow. It looks like a rock. As you can see, it’s pretty difficult to get a perfectly circular shape and my round pillow has some corners. I tried to mitigate this in the second pillow by lifting the foot and turning often, but it is also pretty misshapen. Ugh. Whatever.

Finished pillow sitting pretty on my bed!

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