Cheese Orphan Project

The object of the Cheese Orphan Project is simple: try as many different cheeses as possible, and record it through photos and pithy reviews of the flavor. My favorite grocery store has a small basket in their cheese section called “cheese orphans.” This is where leftover bits of cheese sell for $1-3, much like the fabric remnant section at Joann. I always find different cheeses I’ve never heard of there waiting for me, and it’s inexpensive enough to try a fun cheese or two every time.

4/29/2018: Monteo. La Casearia Carpenedo. A new favorite! This cheese was delightful. Creamy and milky.

4/24/2018: Grana Padano Stravecchio. Parmesany. Had some delightful crunchy bits which I learned are amino acid crystals. The crystals form from the breakdown of proteins as the cheese ages. Oh, it looks like I had this cheese in February.

4/23/2018: Alpine Lace Swiss, reduced fat. A mild Swiss cheese.

4/3/2018: Double gloucester cheese. Ford farm. Mega grassy!

4/3/2018: Norwegian gjetost cheese. A sweet cheese. It tastes like caramel. It has a ton of sugar. I can’t eat this…it’s gross. The only cheese so far I haven’t enjoyed.

4/21/2018: Provolone piccante cheese. Latteria ca de stefani. Very dry and salty.

3/20/2018: Carawaybou. Deer creek. It has caraway in it, and reminds me of rye bread for this reason!

4/16/2018:┬áColston bassett stilton. Neal’s yard dairy. You can really taste the blue!

2/25/18: Onetik Ossau. My first thought was that it was sour, then creamy. It is not a salty cheese. Its texture is smooth and soft.

2/26/18: Smoked mozzarella. It’s much firmer than fresh mozzarella, and the smokiness makes it almost meaty.

2/28/18: Grana Padano Stravecchio. Aged 2 years. Hard, dry, and salty, and close to parmesan.

3/11/18: Ginseng and garlic jack. Kindred creamery. Pretty creamy with interesting “bits” here and there.

2/17/18: Mature Irish cheddar. Aged over 1 year. Tasted like cheese.

2/17/18: Cypress Grove lamb chopper. This was DELICIOUS, and my favorite so far. I was so excited to eat the cheese and also hungry that I scarfed the whole thing in my car in the grocery store parking lot. No regrets whatsoever.

It tasted creamy and grassy!

2/5/18: Taleggio Dop Raw. CasArrigoni. It’s a sheep’s milk cheese. The rind had some blue stuff on it, but after some research I decided that a moldy rind was part of the cheese and therefore, to be eaten. This cheese was strong, and the first couple times I ate it I had to take it on in small amounts. The inside was soft, almost as soft as a brie but not quite.

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