Cheese Orphan Project

I have a new project that I’m calling the Cheese Orphan Project until I come up with a better name. The object is simple: try as many different cheeses as possible, and record it through photos and concise reviews of the flavor. The reason it is called Cheese Orphan Project is that the grocery store I go to, Central Market, has a small basket in their cheese section called “cheese orphans.” This is where leftover bits of cheese sell for $1-3, much like the fabric remnant section at Joann. I always find different cheeses I’ve never heard of there waiting for me, and it’s inexpensive enough to try a fun cheese or two every time.

2/25/18: Onetik Ossau. My first thought was that it was sour, then creamy. It is not a salty cheese. Its texture is smooth and soft.

2/26/18: Smoked mozzarella. It’s much firmer than fresh mozzarella, and the smokiness makes it almost meaty.

2/28/18: Grana Padano Stravecchio. Aged 2 years. Hard, dry, and salty, and close to parmesan.

3/11/18: Ginseng and garlic jack. Kindred creamery. Pretty creamy with interesting “bits” here and there.

2/17/18: Mature Irish cheddar. Aged over 1 year. Tasted like cheese.

2/17/18: Cypress Grove lamb chopper. This was DELICIOUS, and my favorite so far. I was so excited to eat the cheese and also hungry that I scarfed the whole thing in my car in the grocery store parking lot. No regrets whatsoever.

It tasted creamy and grassy!

2/5/18: Taleggio Dop Raw. CasArrigoni. It’s a sheep’s milk cheese. The rind had some blue stuff on it, but after some research I decided that a moldy rind was part of the cheese and therefore, to be eaten. This cheese was strong, and the first couple times I ate it I had to take it on in small amounts. The inside was soft, almost as soft as a brie but not quite.

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