Eco Friendly Produce Bags

I use a reusable shopping bag, so it always bothers me when I have to use MORE plastic bags just to hold produce until I’m home 30 min later and throw the bag away.

Now that I have a sewing machine, I made some reusable ones with just mosquito netting and cotton rope!

It took like, 10-15 min per bag, tops. All I did was hem the short edges, sew up the sides, and then fold the short edges down an inch to make room for the drawstring.

Then I fed the rope through the casing with a safety pin, and tied the ends together.

The only issue with this project is that the mosquito netting is REALLY hard to see. I can’t sew a straight line, but the bags came together fine anyway.

Bags of various sizes, for variously sized produce.

Ta-da! No more plastic!


2 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Produce Bags”

  1. Hi, the produce bags look great. Can mosquito netting be washed easily? I’m thinking of sewing produce bags out of an old sheet that’s a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, so lightweight and washable, but I have some mosquito netting as well. The kind I have is fairly stretchy, is yours?

    1. Hey, I haven’t washed them yet but the person who helped me pick the fabric said it should be fine. Yes, the netting is a bit stretchy. Hope that helps you.

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