Honeyed Toast Cheese and Mozzarollups

Honeyed Toast Cheese is an easy cheese from my one-hour cheese book. It’s a recipe inspired by the Finnish cheese juustoleipƤ (also known as bread cheese), a cheese originally made of reindeer milk that can be dunked in coffee and eaten for breakfast like toast.

New cheese alert! Here we are, mid-process, draining the curds. Leading up to this, we crushed cardamom pods and a cinnamon stick and let that steep in a teabag while the milk heated to 200F. We added apple cider vinegar for acid and the coagulation was instant.

After draining the curds and adding salt, we kneaded in a tablespoon of honey.

Heating up the pan with a huge amount of butter and honey.

We poured the honey butter into a ramekin and pressed the curds into the hot greased pan.

Pouring the honey butter back over the curds.

Thomas taking the cheese out of the broiler.

The finished cheese!! Bubbling and gorgeous!

Thomas with our cheese. We flipped it onto a plate and devoured it!

Next cheese: mozzarella rollups!

We flattened our fresh mozzarella and layered arugula, basil, salami, tomatoes and roasted garlic. Then we rolled it up and cut it like sushi.

Alex with our creation! Yum yum!

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