Mid 2017 Update


This is my new keyboard!

It’s the white Ducky One, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with LED backlighting.

You can change the pattern of the backlighting and pick any of 108 colors. Best purchase ever!

Next update. I’m still making and drinking the magical mushroom tea elixir, kombucha. I’m still experimenting with effervescence, so I bottled half of them with more head space, and half with less.

For my sugar source in the second ferment, I added guava juice. I’m sorry to say the taste didn’t much come through.

Here’s my scoby hotel, with all of the old mothers. I can’t wait til the jar is full of slimy, wet discs!

Next and most important update. I bought myself an early birthday present. A set of wooden gymnastic rings!

I can do only one skin the cat. Boy is it hard! I bought Antranik’s rings routine and as soon as I find a good place to hang the rings I’m going to start training them. I hung the rings on playground monkey bars here, but it isn’t really adequate because the other bars are in the way.

I spent the rest of my time at the park playing with handstands. The ground was really hot in certain places so I jumped back out of it.

The “Grease the Groove” method is one with which I’ve achieved a ton of success for my handstand. I do handstands in the elevator at work. Sometimes I’ll do one in the bathroom. I go outside for breaks and practice in the grass. At the gym, I always end my lifting sessions with a few handstands. At home, I get upside down every time I walk through the living room.

As you can see it’s really paid off! I feel a real sense of control in the handstand that I didn’t before. I can hold it for almost a minute before fatiguing. Digging in with my fingers and resisting the urge to walk my hands when overbalanced is one thing that has made a big difference. I’ve also improved at maintaining hollow body position when entering the handstand. My torso and legs act like a stiff block and it’s much easier to find where I need to be, and just hold on, rocking back and forth between fingertips and the heel of my hand.

I’m now working on different entries to handstand. I have tuck-to-handstand down pretty great at this point. I can also do a straddle, and though my front splits are terrible, I can do that too, and stag legs. However, I am using a lot of momentum and would love to enter the handstand through a true press, with muscular control.

Here is the last thing. A guy I met at Acro saw me practicing handstands and got me into free star! Thanks to all my handstand training, I had no trouble getting into this position and holding it. The only points of contact between me and my base are the back of my head on his shins and his feet on my shoulders. It’s not that easy so I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if I did not have a regular handstand practice. I’m glad I learned handstand before other inversions, because I can get things like headstand, shoulderstand and star without having done it before.

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