Second hand stuff

Check out this ugly ass dresser from the 1950’s. It came with a mirror that the thrift store employees loaded into my rented truck in the most idiotic way possible, and it shattered into thousands of pieces 5 minutes after leaving the store.

Fixing it up was a lot of work. First I applied sander-deglosser because who has the time to actually sand? Then I removed all the hardware and drawers and painted them.

I had the mirror replaced and got new hardware.

The knobs are from Anthropologie. Here’s the finished product, in use!

I also got that spectacular alarm clock from a Goodwill.

This is my burro’s tail plant.

This one’s a firesticks plant.

Look at this amazing…thing I picked up at Treasure City! It’s a stool, tiny table or sculpture. Who knows. I love it.

The tail moves up and down a little.

This one I’m really tickled about. I saw these Richard McCarthy McCobb chairs for sale at Room Service Vintage and loved them. They cost me a lot of bones but I’ll have them forever.


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