Strawberry Ginger Kombucha and Paleo f(x)

I kept tasting my second jar and it was getting more sour but also was too sweet. This jar was weeks old and it had sat long enough so I bottled it with some minced ginger and threw in a couple of strawberries for the extra sugar during the second ferment.

I strained the debris and enjoyed my kombucha! Although I left even less headspace this time and left the bottle for 3 days (I think?), the brew is still not as effervescent as I’d like, and I didn’t find it gingery enough either.

I checked my other booch and there were a lot of fruit flies living in it 🙁 so I dumped the whole thing outside and started again with the scoby from this batch. Now I know what dates I started them on (May 21 and 22). To the latter jar I brewed half green tea instead of all black tea, and I am hoping this will give me some bubbly.

Now for something tangentially related…

Last weekend I went to Paleo f(x), the yearly paleo convention in Austin. I got to meet Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple!

I also drank camel milk.


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